Corporate Philosophy

How we want to realise our vision

Our vision is to use hemp products to improve people’s lives in a natural way, to provide the best user experience and access to high quality hemp products for everyone, thereby revolutionising the healthcare market.

We always want to be sustainable. That is why we have entered into various cooperations in order to produce as little waste as possible.

We have also set ourselves the goal of providing information about hemp and its effects. In doing so, we want to constantly optimise our portfolio and our products and expand their development. That’s why it is so important for us to develop ourselves with a team of young professionals and to make Signature Products the best known and most reliable partner in the cannabis market in Europe.


We document every single step in the value chain and have an analysis for every product.


We work exclusively with the best companies in the industry in order to always offer the highest quality.


We want everyone in the supply chain to be paid fairly and we do not bypass any partners. The honourable merchant is a basic condition for us.

Made in Germany

We have found that customers love “Made in Germany”. We have organic hemp farmers from Germany, extract and distil in Germany and bottle the products in Germany. And all this under the highest standards. We call this fully “Made in Germany”.

If you buy products abroad outside the EU (for example in Switzerland, USA, Canada or from an Asian country) you are liable for the quality as the importer of the products. Leave this issue to us. We are the manufacturers in Germany so we are liable for the quality.

In everything we do, our environment comes first. We all want our descendants to live on this beautiful planet and enjoy the colourful, fragrant nature. That is why we make sure that this is also fulfilled.

For example, we plant a tree for every BUDDY sold or cooperate with sustainable companies to promote our products. After the extraction of CBD, we use the remains of the hemp for compound feed to provide the animals with high quality food.