Trade of EU industrial hemp

Biomass, pellets, hemp seeds, hemp fibres, hemp protein and flowers

You need EU-certified industrial hemp, hemp pellets, biomass, hemp seeds, hemp fibres for textiles, hemp protein or flowers in conventional quality or certified organic? We have all products in different qualities in stock. Just get in touch with us.

We control the entire process and monitor the quality. We only work with farmers from whom we receive trustworthy analyses. We look directly at the hemp and make sure that the quality meets the customer’s requirements.

Indoor. Outdoor. Greenhouse.

Our hemp flowers are carefully selected and subject to the highest controls. Of course we offer certificates of analysis for all products.

Indoor cultivation of cannabis gives growers complete control over the entire production process, including room temperature and air circulation.

The greenhouse allows growers to cover the sun with tarpaulins and thus make the plants bloom faster.

Fully outdoor cultivation is the most natural and cost-effective way to grow cannabis. It requires no light, no fans and no tarps, only tents, sunlight and soil.

Certified hemp from controlled, certified cultivation under ongoing checks and analyses

Industrial hemp

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We recycle your raw material.

What actually happens after extraction? After the extraction we take care of the remains. We are a post-extraction company and work with farmers who can use the extraction remains for their animals. Transparent process, fair trade.


Whatever we do, it is sustainable.


We make the process completely transparent for you.


We help you to plan the whole process.

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