BUDDY is a lifestyle consumer brand which focuses on CBD products. We promise our customers that we want to make their life easier with our BUDDY, not only through the effect of CBD, but also with the application, taste and aesthetics. BUDDY is not just a brand name or a friend, BUDDY is a lifestyle.


"Knowing where it comes from" is essential for our customers. Through our channels we give them an insight into our production steps - from planting the plants to bottling and labelling.

Why BUDDY products?

BUDDY offers first class CBD that is unrivalled worldwide. To ensure that everyone can rely on the purity and quality of our products, we rely on uncompromising quality controls at every stage of production. From the hand-picked harvest of our plants to the environmentally friendly extraction and bottling in Germany!


Social engagement

We want to generate an optimal benefit of our CBD oils for our customers. Therefore we use the advantages of the PET bottle (unbreakable), especially to create a smooth travel and usage experience. However, since sustainability is also a top priority for us, we plant a tree at the end of the year for every CBD oil sold. This is done in cooperation with Eden Reforestation Projects.

Known from

We have concluded numerous cooperation agreements. For example, we work hand in hand with the president of the German Naturopathy Federation to achieve the best user experience. We have further cooperations with TooGoodToGo, magazines like "RTL" "WELT" "FAZ" "Naturarzt" and "Weg zur Gesundheit", pharmacies like "Medizinfuchs" and more.

Market instrument

We use BUDDY as a market instrument to get to know our customers, understand better the application of CBD and improve products. All this knowledge will be used to help our b2b customers to produce a market-fit product.

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