Cosmetic products with cannabinoids

Cosmetic products with cannabinoids

High quality cosmetics with CBD and CBG

Face Cream

Our CBD Day Cream is a morning ritual to give your skin softness and vitality. This cream contains Cannabis Sativa oil and has a concentration of 50 mg CBD. Our formulation is designed to moisturize your skin.


Face Scrub

Our facial scrub is designed to gently remove the dead skin cells on your face. The combination of essential oils is designed to promote the regeneration of new cells and leave your face with a new glow.


Face Serum

Our facial serum is perfectly designed to treat wrinkles and other skin problems such as blemishes. It also helps to enhance the moisturizing effect of your moisturizer, which is applied afterwards.


Massage Oil

Our massage oil is designed to relieve the pain and muscle wear after physical exertion. In addition, its citrus formulation provides a perfect scent for aromatherapy and optimal relaxation.


Night Cream

Our CBD night cream contains a variety of essential oils and is suitable to repair and soothe your skin after it has been exposed to all kinds of pollutants during the day. Our formulation is designed to improve the repair of your skin while you sleep.

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