Hemp seeds peeled

Hemp seeds peeled

Organic certified or conventional
The shelled hemp seeds are also called hemp nuts or hemp hearts because of their appearance. The protein-rich seeds taste very mild and slightly nutty, are soft to the bite and are wonderful for refining sweet and hearty dishes. Our hulled hemp seeds, like the unhulled hemp seeds, are available certified organic or conventional. Hemp seeds are a real superfood: 2 tablespoons of the seeds provide 5 grams of protein, essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and are therefore as natural as they are healthy. The perfect ingredient to easily add nutrition to your meal.



EU/non-EU agriculture
Continuous analyses
Continuous analyses
Cannabinoids, pesticides, heavy metals

Production process

After harvesting, the hemp seeds are poured into a funnel. Depending on the hemp seed variety, size and water content, they are treated differently. The machines separate the hemp seeds from the husk and hull them. Due to the high oil content, the mixture sticks easily to the inner wall of the hulling machines after hulling in the chamber. After hulling, the seeds are separated into hulls and unhulled hemp seeds and kernels.

Nutritional values per 100g

550-621kJ / 2484-2570kcal
Dietary fibre

Possible uses

Smoothies, sauces and soups
Baked goods
Mueslis, crunchy bars and crispy biscuits
Ingredient for frying, breading and vegetable dishes

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Organic certified or conventional
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