MCT Coconut Oil

MCT Coconut Oil

MCT (MCT = medium chain triglycerides) coconut oil
Our MCT (MCT = medium chain triglycerides) oil contains fatty acids of medium chain length (6-10 carbon atoms). They are broken down and absorbed faster in the body than normal dietary fats, which mostly consist of long-chain fatty acids (LCT = long chain triglycerides,> 10 carbon atoms). MCT oil can be part of a wide variety of products. It is used in the processing industry as a component of cosmetic products and food, such as spreadable fat. Due to its pleasantly mild coconut taste, it is also ideal as a carrier oil for CBD oils. MCT oil evaporates at around 120 ° C and is therefore also suitable for frying.



Organic certified
Organic certified
EU Agriculture
Continuous analyses
Continuous analyses
Cannabinoids, pesticides, heavy metals

Production process

MCT fats are obtained industrially through the hydrolysis of coconut fat and palm kernel oil, fractionation of the medium-chain fatty acids and subsequent esterification with glycerine.

Nutritional values per 100g

3682kJ / 880kcal
Dietary fibre

Possible uses

Food production
Cosmetic products
Carrier oil for CBD oils

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