Hemp raw materials

Hemp raw materials

Here you can get all parts of the hemp plant

Hemp biomass

Hemp biomass is the basic raw material for most cannabinoid oils, isolates and distillates. The value of the hemp biomass is dependent on the cannabinoid concentration of the biomass.


Hemp extracts

Hemp extract is the product of various extraction methods with which the CBD (and other cannabinoids) are derived from the hemp plant. In its highly concentrated form, it is more suitable for consumption and further processing.


Cannabinoid distillates

Distillates are obtained from hemp extracts. It is possible to isolate certain cannabinoids, which among other things creates CBD and CBG distillates in different concentrations.



Natural isolates are made from the hemp plant. For this purpose, the hemp biomass is extracted and a hemp extract is obtained. Synthetic canabinoid isolates are an active pharmaceutical ingredient produced in the form of an ultra-pure crystalline powder. Natural or synthetic isolates are used as the basis for the production of "water-soluble" cannabinoids.



Terpenes are organic compounds secreted by the same plant glands (trichomes) in the cannabis plant that produce CBD and THC. They play an important role in the formation of aromas and smells that we perceive on a daily basis. Terpenes create the taste of fruits and vegetables, as well as the scent that wafts from trees and blooming flowers. They are also used as natural odor and flavor substances in cosmetic products.


Hemp flowers

CBD hemp flower refers to the bud that grows on the "female" hemp plant. The difference between "male" and "female" hemp plants is that the former cannot produce flowers. Therefore, you can only obtain the hemp flower from the "female" family of the hemp plant.


Hemp pellets

Hemp pellets are made from hemp press cake or hemp biomass. They are rich in omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids making them ideal as animal feed, e.g. for horses.

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