Hemp flowers

Hemp flowers

Hemp flowers for extraction or trade
The CBD hemp flower comes from the bud that grows on the "female" hemp plant. CBD can only be extracted from this, as the "male" plants cannot produce flowers. Seed production happens once the hemp flower reaches full bloom. Then the bud secretes cannabinoids to attract pollen from the "male" plants. Now, in order to produce CBD hemp oil, manufacturers isolate the seeds and extract the oil.



EU commercial hemp variety
EU commercial hemp variety
From controlled cultivation
Ongoing analyses
Ongoing analyses
Cannabinoid analyses

Production process

The harvest time for hemp in Europe is usually around the end of September. After harvesting, the hemp plants are dried. They are then shredded and packed into big bags. We make a cannabinoid (including THC), heavy metal and pesticide analysis of each batch to check and ensure the quality.

Possible applications

Source material for extraction
Production of smoking products (for example, filling material of hemp cigarettes).

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