Hemp pellets

Hemp pellets

Hemp pellets made from hemp press cake or from hemp biomass
There are several types of hemp pellets:

From hemp press cake

The pellets made from 100% hemp press cake are excellent as animal feed for example horses, because they are rich in omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, activate the metabolism and promote muscle building. Hemp press cake is a by-product of hemp seed oil production and is produced during the cold pressing of hemp seeds. Since the hemp seeds used for oil production are mostly certified organic seeds, certified organic hemp pellets can also be produced.

From hemp biomass

Hemp pellets can also be made from 100% hemp biomass. Here, the entire hemp plant is dried after harvesting, shredded, and then pressed into pellet form.



EU/non-EU agriculture
Continuous analyses
Continuous analyses
Cannabinoids, pesticides, heavy metals

Production process

Hemp pellets are made from hemp press cake or hemp biomass by drying, shredding and then pressing into pellet form.

Possible applications

Pet food supplement
Production of smoking products
Heating material

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