We certify and analyse your cannabinoid and hemp products

Laboratory Analyses

Signature Products offers analyzes of raw hemp, flowers, crude oils, distillates or finished CBD products. We can regulate the exact content of all cannabinoids (CBD, CBG, CBN, THC, etc.) as well as the water and fat content of your EU crops. You can also request heavy metal and pesticide analyzes from us.


Cosmetics certification

Cosmetics are substances that only come into contact with the human body externally. Areas of application are e.g. skin, nails, hair, teeth and the oral mucous membranes. We have already issued numerous cosmetic certifications and can help you fully certify your products.


Organic certification

For more and more consumers, the organic seal is becoming an important factor that influences purchasing decisions. With organic certification, you can offer your customers a better and more controlled product. In addition, you clearly stand out from other, non-certified brands in the hemp market.

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