Consulting & Research

Consulting & Research

Advice on the development, production, sales and marketing of hemp products

Market Research

You want to enter the cannabis market but before that you want to know more about the market? You want to invest in the cannabis market and be able to assess the market better? Which price is appropriate for which product? Come to us and we will make high quality market analysis for you.




Do you have questions about EU commercial hemp? Which varieties are approved according to the variety catalog, which ones may I use for CBD oils in the food or cosmetics sector? Which CBD oils are popular? How do I register it as a cosmetic? How is the EU hemp market developing? Do you need a trustworthy trustee? Which is better: Co2, ethanol or ultrasonic extraction? We will be happy to help you with these and other questions. Trust years of practical experience.


Marketing Consulting


Do you want to target your customers and offer them added value with your products, but don't know how best to reach them? We help you define your brand identity, identify your relevant target group or potential customers, and educate you on what matters in customer-centric communication.

You don't know where to start with the marketing of your products, which options you have and which channels are most likely to work for you? We will give you a sound insight into the possibilities of marketing CBD and hemp products and will be happy to share with you the experience we have gathered.


Product design


A well-functioning product stands and falls with a good or bad design. Therefore, it is particularly important to us to create a design that is optimally tailored to you and your product/company based on your wishes and ideas. The focus is on the interest of the end user.

A wrongly communicated product design can reduce the quality or the sales of your product. We prevent this with our many years of experience and our multi-faceted team. We support you in the best possible way on your way from the idea to the finished end product/design - nothing is impossible.

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