CO2, ethanol and ultrasonic extraction made in Germany.
Whether you want to extract your hemp extract with the ethanol, CO2 or ultrasonic extraction method, we only work with the best extractors from Germany. Quality is our top priority. Convince yourself.


CO2 extraction uses carbon dioxide in its liquid state to extract the specific ingredients from the hemp or cannabis. It requires high quality CO2 extraction equipment, which is slightly more expensive than other methods. However, the quality and effect of the CO2-extracted products compensate for the expense with their efficiency.

Ethanol extraction

In the ethanol method, the hemp flowers are placed in an ethyl alcohol solution while they are left for about an hour to extract. Later, the solution is boiled to remove certain compounds that are not useful and evaporate at low boiling points.

Ultrasonic extraction

Ultrasonic extraction is an effective and fast technique for the extraction of cannabinoids. It improves the diffusion process by accelerating the exchange of substances within the plant materials, which breaks down the cell walls and releases the desired compounds.

Quality control

We control the entire process and monitor the quality. Through laboratory analysis before and after extraction, we ensure that you always know what to expect from your extract. Do not hesitate to contact us for further quality certifications.


ISO 9001, QS, ISO 14001, EU-Bio, ISO 22000, NOP certifications.

We recycle your raw material

What actually happens after the extraction? After extraction, we take care of the remains. We are a post-harvest company and work with farmers who can use the extraction remains for their animals. Transparent process, fair trade.

Our quality promise

We will help you plan the entire process
High quality through laboratory analysis and certifications
Large extraction volume possible

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