Product design

Product design

Ideally support your communication with the right product design.

A well-functioning product stands and falls with a good or bad design. Therefore, it is particularly important to us to create a design that is optimally tailored to you and your product/company based on your wishes and ideas. The focus is on the interest of the end user. A wrongly communicated product design can reduce the quality or the sales of your product. We prevent this with our many years of experience and our multi-faceted team. We support you in the best possible way on your way from the idea to the finished end product/design - nothing is impossible.

Corporate Design

From logo, fonts, colors, etc. to stationery and business cards. Everything you need for a new brand / Unternehemn. We work out your visual appearance with you and record everything in detail in a CI document.

Packaging design

The first impression counts. We design your packaging so that potential customers cannot resist and there can be no problems in production.

Label Design

Packaging is usually disposed of. The label remains. We ensure the right level of recognition and conformity.

Advertising materials

Whether it's an information brochure, product catalog, banner for online ads, our design team will provide you with the appropriate materials to promote your sales.


NNowadays, nothing works without a website. It doesn't matter if it's just a landing page or a full-featured webshop. We design and program the right website for all requirements.

From the idea to the finished product

Since we are always in close contact with our marketing department, we can cover your ideas individually in almost all areas of design. Thus, you can rely on our knowledge and experience and make your company one of the top players. We are happy to support you. Send us your request. No matter how special it is.

Our quality promise

Highest standards for our designs
Drawing on best practices and experience
We take you by the hand and answer all your questions

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Anna Gescher

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