Production of cannabinoid oils, hemp extracts and distillates


Signature Products only works with the best extractors from Germany. We can obtain your hemp extract for you using the ethanol, CO2 or ultrasonic extraction method. Quality is our top priority. See for yourself.



Heat and a vacuum are used to create a CBD distillation. This separates CBD and other cannabinoids and terpenes from less desirable compounds such as fats, waxes and pigments. The CBD oil is heated under a vacuum until the CBD begins to evaporate. As soon as the vapor rises, it is collected in a condenser to form the distillate.



We offer full-service filling of all types of liquids for companies of all sizes. Whether e-liquids, CBD oils, flavors or other liquids - we are your German bottler when it comes to high quality. We fill both according to GMP standards and according to EU guidelines for organic certified goods.


White Label, Private Label, OEM

Signature Products offers White Label & Private Label services for every type of liquid and for every company size. As a German company, we produce e-liquids, CBD oils, hemp oils or other liquids under the highest quality standards - according to your wishes.

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