We trade in hemp and hemp products of all kinds, quality and quantity

Raw materials supplier

High quality raw materials and strong supply chain relationships are key to creating a safe, reliable hemp product. We offer hemp biomass, hemp flowers, hemp seeds, hemp protein, hemp fiber, hemp leaves and hemp stalks for trade or further processing.

But also cannabinoid isolates like CBD, CBG and CBN, extracts like CBD Crude oil, distillates and CBD oils mixed with MCT or hemp seed oil in larger containers are available in stock. The demand for water soluble CBD, natural flavors such as cannabis terpenes we can also serve.



Whether you want to produce your own products or distribute well-known brands from abroad, we are always at your side. From us you can get any raw materials for the production of cannabinoid oils or other hemp products. Due to our large supplier network and corresponding purchase quantities, we can always offer you a top price.




You have hemp products and need support in selling them? You want very specific goods but do not know where to get them? We are well connected in the hemp world and support you in your venture.

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