Signature revolutionizes the hemp market

Hemp made in Germany.
We cover the entire value chain of the hemp market.

From the EU-certified hemp trade, extraction and bottling to end consumer products. You want it, we have it.

EU-certified hemp trade.

EU-certified hemp produced in Europe. We have strong cooperations with hemp plant field owners in several European countries. We only sell commercial hemp from the EU catalogue of varieties. Whether biomass, hemp seeds or flowers, you choose your hemp.

Hemp extraction & distillation.

Hemp extraction and distillation made in Germany. If you want the highest quality hemp extraction (e. g. for CBD), you cannot skip us. We work to the highest possible standards and ensure the best quality. Talk to us.

Bottling, OEM services & analysis.

Bottling of white label products, OEM and analyses made in Germany. You want to bottle hemp products (e.g. CBD oil or cream) or create your own brands? You need an analysis that shows the CBD, THC values & other ingredients of your hemp products? We can offer any bottling quantity in highest quality at the best price. 

Lifestyle consumer brand.

Under the same standards as we grow and extract hemp, we have made our own hemp products. Our BUDDY hemp products are of the highest quality on the hemp market and comply with all legal regulations. We already work with numerous pharmacies and doctors to not only offer the best product on the market, but also to be the strongest brand.


The market is flooded with numerous dubious hemp products and brands. Do you have questions about EU commercial hemp? Which CBD oils are popular? How do I register it as a cosmetic? How is the EU hemp market developing? Do you need a trustworthy trustee? Which is better: Co2, ethanol or ultrasonic extraction? We are happy to help you with these and other questions. Trust years of practical experience.

Consumer services.

To be close to the market and the customer is crucial to offer the best products. With our digital applications we make it even easier for our customers to use our products.

What we value most...

We love nature and human wellbeing. Everything we do is critically held to our standards with regards to quality and sustainability.


We always work under highest standards and have this approach to all our sub-companies.


Whatever we do, we ensure that human-beings and nature do not suffer from our products. E.g. we plant a tree for every CBD oil sold at the end of the year. This is implemented in cooperation with Eden Reforestation Projects.