We build the hemp market of tomorrow.

Hemp made in Germany.
The complete value chain from a single source.

We use all parts of the hemp plant and form the products of tomorrow. From trade and extraction, bulk filling and business development to end consumer products.
We are here for you.

EU-certified hemp trade. EU-Organic certified.

EU industrial hemp produced in Europe. We have strong cooperations with hemp farmers in several European countries. We only offer hemp according to the EU catalogue of varieties from controlled cultivation or organic certified. Whether biomass, hemp seeds, hemp protein or flowers, we cover your wishes.

Hemp extraction & distillation.

Hemp extraction and distillation made in Germany. Whether Co2, ethanol or ultrasonic extraction, the extraction of cannabinoids such as CBD, CBG and CBN requires high standards and expertise. Form your own opinion and talk to us today about how we may extract your industrial hemp. 

Bulk, private label & analysis.

Bottling of bulk goods, white label & private label products and analyses Made in Germany. You need a cannabinoid analysis that indicates the CBD, THC values & other ingredients of your hemp products? We can bottle hemp products such as CBD oils or creams for you or create your own brands.

Lifestyle consumer brand.

Under the same standards as we process hemp, we have produced our own hemp products. Our BUDDY hemp products are of the highest quality on the hemp market and comply with all legal requirements. Through BUDDY, we can not only provide you with extensive knowledge of end consumers, but also provide sales channels for your own brand.


Being close to the market and the customer is crucial to offering the best products. Whether you have questions about the market, need marketing support, want to register cosmetic products or are looking to develop the right product for the market, we are happy to help. Trust our years of practical experience. 

Hemp Logistics.

Finding and managing warehouses, handling shipping can be annoying and costly. We offer you to place your products in our fulfilment centre. We offer technical solutions to connect to our system and store, pack and ship all products with DHL Go-Green. Our shipping station in the middle of Germany even helps you to deliver the next day.

What we value most...

We love nature and human wellbeing. Everything we do is critically held to our standards with regards to quality and sustainability.


We always work under highest standards and have this approach to all our sub-companies.


Whatever we do, we ensure that human-beings and nature do not suffer from our products. E.g. we plant a tree for every CBD oil sold at the end of the year. This is implemented in cooperation with Eden Reforestation Projects.