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Design Services

The right product design plays an essential role in marketing and can have a decisive influence on the sales channel of your product. Our design team is happy to support you.

Marketing Consulting

We help you reach the right audience

Do you want to target your customers and offer them added value with your products, but don't know how best to reach them? Signature Products can help you define your brand identity, identify your relevant target group or potential customers, and educate you about what matters in customer-centric communication. Not sure where to start with the marketing of your products? Would you like to know what options you have and which channels are most likely to work for you? We give you a well-founded insight into the possibilities of marketing CBD and hemp products. We can share our experience with you.

Defining and addressing target groups

Knowing customer needs and meeting them in a targeted manner in order to withstand the competition - often easier said than done. We will show you what is important in active sourcing and explain how you can tell your customers as effectively as possible.

Brand Identity

Stand out from the crowd, think with your customers' heads and create recognition value. Do you want to know how to develop a distinctive brand identity and what key elements need to be considered? Do you need tips to develop your perfect brand design? The Signature Products Team is your contact for all your questions.

Marketing Channels & Measures

What marketing channels are there, how efficient are they, and how good are they for selling CBD products? We are here to help.

Social Media & Influencer Marketing

Do you want to build reach via social media, reach your target group with relevant content and use influencers as brand ambassadors? From content creation and feed planning to influencer collaborations - we'll show you how you can increase and use your online presence.

Email Marketing

With the right email marketing, you can create a personal bond with your customers and cultivate their relationships with existing customers. But how do you do relevant email marketing? We offer you an insight and provide you with tips and inspiration so that you get everything right from the start.

Tailored to your needs

Signature Products can provide you help with individual marketing issues. Regardless of whether you just want to benefit from our experience or want us to implement special measures - we can support you. Send us your request, no matter how specific it is.


Design Services

We design your dream product

The right product design plays an essential role in marketing and can have a decisive influence on the sales channel of your product. It is therefore particularly important to us to create a design that is optimally customized to your product according to your wishes and ideas. Our focus is always on the interests of the end user. With our many years of experience and our multi-faceted team, we can help you avoid mistakes. We support you on your way from the idea to the finished end product - nothing is impossible.

Corporate Design

From logo, fonts, colours, etc. to stationery and business cards. Signature Products offers you everything you need in the area of corporate design. Together with you, we develop a strong visual presence for your product and record everything in detail in a CI document.

Packaging Design

The first impression counts. We design your packaging in such a way that potential customers cannot resist it and we ensure that there can be no problems in the production process.

Label Design

Packaging is usually disposed of, but the label remains. We ensure the right level of conformity and help you to increase the recognition value of your products.

Advertising Materials

Whether it's an information brochure, product catalog, or banner for online ads, our design team will provide you with the appropriate materials to promote your sales.

Do you have any questions or want to work with us? Do not hesitate to contact us now. Our friendly team is always happy to help you!
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