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Crude Oil

Crude oil is a direct extract that is filtered out after extraction. It has a natural terpene and cannabinoid profile.


What is Hemp Crude Oil?

The word “crude” is associated with a form in its natural or raw state, without having undergone any additional processing or refinement.

Crude oil is a direct extract that is filtered out after extraction. During, e.g., ethanol extraction, the hemp plant lies in ethanol for a few days. During this time, the alcohol absorbs parts of the plant, such as cannabinoids and terpenes. By heating and then evaporating the ethanol, those parts remain as crude oil. For more information on ethanol extraction, see the section on different extraction methods.

Crude oil has a natural terpene and cannabinoid profile and, compared to oils based on isolate or distillate, might have a better potency thanks to the entourage effect. The entourage effect suggests that all compounds of a plant in combination might have a more positive effect when consumed than one compound in isolation.


How is Crude Oil used?

The advantages of crude oil are, among others, that it contains the full spectrum of the hemp plant and benefits from the entourage effect. Furthermore, natural terpenes are still present in the oil.

Our special crude oil is not to be confused with other crude oils, which are unfiltered and therefore black. The taste of our crude oil can be described as very mild, in contrast to other oils that are said to have a bitter taste. Due to the terpenes present, our crude oil tastes more hempy, nutty, and also more natural.

Typically, crude oil qualifies less as a lifestyle product, but is rather aimed at nature-loving people and for applications in the medical field.



How is Crude Oil manufactured?

The production process of crude oil is very complex and multi-layered. It starts with the selection of hemp biomass or hemp flowers with preferably high cannabinoid content. The material is then dried and shredded. In the next step, it is extracted and filtered with the help of, e.g., ethanol or CO2 to filter out interfering terpenes that would cause a bitter taste. In this step, the hemp material is also decarboxylated. This is a chemical process in which a carbon dioxide molecule is split off.

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