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Hemp Biomass

Hemp Biomass is dried, industrial hemp in extraction quality.


What is Biomass?

Hemp biomass describes dried, industrial hemp in extraction quality. It is the basic raw material for most cannabinoid extracts, isolates, and distillates. The hemp biomass contains all leaves, cuttings, stems, and other components of the hemp plant. It also has a high concentration of cannabinoid-rich bud material. The value of the hemp biomass depends on the cannabinoid concentration of the biomass. Furthermore, hemp biomass can also be used for the production of smokable products or as nutritious animal food.


How is Biomass produced?

The hemp biomass is produced by drying and crushing larger parts of the plant into a smaller, more usable size. In Europe, hemp is ready for harvesting towards the end of September. Harvesting machines specially adapted for hemp are used. To ensure perfect and consistent quality, we offer cannabinoid (including THC), heavy metal, and pesticide analyses for every batch.

The hemp biomass is packed into big bags so that it can be transported in bulk to the extraction plant for further processing.

34.960 ha
cultivated hemp
in Europe in 2019
152.820 t
hemp yield
in Europe in 2019
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