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Hemp-based Meat

Meat replacement made of hemp. Vegan and sustainable from regional organic cultivation.


Why do we need alternative protein sources?

The rising world population, urbanisation as well as increasing income levels are leading to an increasing global demand for meat and animal foods. Current average dietary habits are considered unhealthy and production patterns unsustainable. A global dietary shift with an increase in the intake of plant-based foods instead of animal-based foods is said to be key to improving human as well as planetary health.

More and more people are trying to avoid eating animal protein for health, environmental, and ethical reasons and are looking for alternative solutions with plant-based protein sources. However, the market for these meat substitutes is still relatively small. Currently, Europe, the leader in this sector, has a 40% share of the total global market for meat substitutes, and experts estimate that it will reach about €2.4 billion in 2025.



Research project: "TASTINO"

Together with the University of Hohenheim, we have launched a funding project in which we are developing meat substitute products from regionally produced hemp protein. This funding project is supported by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Bioeconomy with more than € 1 million. As part of this funding, we are drawing on the many years of experience of top vegan chefs to develop recipes for novel meat substitute products. The highlight: In contrast to conventional meat substitutes made from soy or pea protein, our products have a much higher protein content and are also much more sustainable due to the regional added value. In terms of price, hemp protein can now also compete with NON-GMO soy, pea and other proteins.

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