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Terpene Profile Analyses

Terpene profile analysis is used to determine the exact composition of terpenes in a particular product. Terpenes mainly determine the flavour of plant products.


What is a Terpene Profile Analysis?

Terpenes significantly determine the flavour of plant products, which also includes the hemp plant. Terpene profile analysis can be used to analyse the exact composition of terpenes in a particular product. Since the human senses are not sufficient to analyse exactly which terpenes are present, analyses are very helpful here and offer a great opportunity to break down products very precisely. Natural smells can be imitated or even created with the help of aromatic molecules. Many cannabis strains, such as Blueberry and Jack Herer, are so popular because of their unique smell and taste. Unique combinations of the different terpenes make them so special. Using terpene profile analyses, the mixture can now be determined in detail and imitated accordingly.

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