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Our Corporate Philosophy

Improving human beings’ health with hemp in harmony with nature and people.

Mission & Vision

What is our corporate philosophy?

Our goal is to improve human beings’ health with products made from hemp. Therefore, we take every step in the process carefully and check its impact on nature and people. This includes the exchange with our clients, suppliers, and employees. The safety of people and the environment is always our top priority, even if this means a higher financial outlay. For example, we pay attention to regional and organic cultivation in our products such as hemp seeds and hemp protein. At the same time, we use all parts of the hemp plant to avoid waste and focus on the best 24/7 service within the hemp market.

In order to achieve our goal of always producing the best products for nature and people, we also have to educate people about hemp and establish quality standards in the market. That is why we are in constant exchange with politicians, consumers, and companies from different sectors.

Our goal is set: Signature will be Co2 neutral by 2025 at the latest and will be the largest and most sustainable hemp supplier in Europe. When you work with Signature, you can count on the highest quality and excellent service.


What are our key values?



We document every single step in the value chain and can offer certificates for each product.

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We only work with the best companies in the industry. That’s why we can always offer the highest possible quality.



We want everyone in the supply chain to be paid fairly. The honorable merchant is a fundamental principle for us.



Our commitment to the future

Ecological sustainability is always our top priority. We at Signature Products pursue high quality standards for our products in order to protect the environment. It is our wish that our descendants can still experience the beauty of nature. That is why we want to ensure that we always act in a sustainable way and use resources carefully in all of our processes.

At Signature, we always try to work and manufacture in a way that conserves resources as much as possible. Thus we expect a high level of climate commitment from every single one of our cooperation partners. Through our initiatives and our commitment, we ensure a greener and more sustainable value chain and do our best to leave future generations a planet as diverse as the one we experience every day.

For example, we cooperate only with sustainable companies to promote our products. After the CBD extraction, we use the remains of the hemp as compound feed. This way, we are able to offer animals high-quality food.

DHL GoGreen

With the goal of CO2 negativity in mind, we send our parcels nationally and internationally in a climate-neutral way with DHL GoGreen. The principle here is that DHL measures the average CO2 emissions and offsets them through climate protection projects.

Eden Reforestation Project

In cooperation with the Eden Reforestation Project, we plant a tree for every product sold. These projects support reforestation in various countries, for example Madagascar, Kenya, and Brazil. It also helps provide fair and stable jobs and consequently a steady income for the local population, who often live under poor conditions.

Too Good to Go

When the best-before date of our products is approaching, we sell them on Too Good to Go. This is a platform where companies can advertise and sell, e.g., food that is about to expire at a lower price. By doing so, we avoid products going to waste that can still be used and enjoyed without worries. From a customer’s perspective, they receive a heavily discounted yet still high-quality product.



Made In Germany

Customers love hemp products “Made in Germany”. We work with organic hemp farmers from Germany, extract and distil in Germany and bottle the products in Germany. We guarantee high standards because we control the entire production process.

Many companies buy products in other countries (for example in Switzerland, the USA, Canada, or from an Asian country). Consequently, as importers of the products, they become liable for their quality. Leave this to us. We are the manufacturer in Germany - therefore, we are also responsible for the quality of our products.

Do you have any questions or want to work with us? Do not hesitate to contact us now. Our friendly team is always happy to help you!
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