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Commitment can have many facets. We have committed to actively shape the future of the world through hemp and support political and social organisations.


Making the world better through hemp

Commitment can have many facets. On the political side, the interests of the German hemp industry are represented in cooperation with EIHA, the European Industrial Hemp Association.

Climate protection and sustainability also play a major role for us. We guarantee CO2-neutral shipping and we plant a tree for every product sold. This enables us to ensure a sustainable value chain and to contribute to a greener future.

With our organic certification, we make our contribution to better products and controlled cultivation conditions for our raw materials.

Social engagement also plays an important role for us. We support regional and national associations and initiatives.


EIHA | European Industrial Hemp Association

The European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA) is the only pan-European membership organization in the industrial hemp sector. As a partner of EIHA, we do not only want to be a standard member and benefit from information and the great work of EIHA. Rather, we want to have a strong influence on the (legal) development of the hemp sector through data provision, cooperation, manpower, and lobbying.

Florian Pichlmaier, founder and managing director of Signature Products, was elected as a board member of the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA) on November 10th, 2021. He will support the board with his many years of experience and his network in the financial and food industry and will take a stand for more acceptance of hemp products.



BvCW | Cannabis Industry Association

In order to position ourselves politically on the topic of commercial hemp in Germany, it is obligatory for us as a "Made in Germany" brand to enter into a partnership with German companies and associations. For this reason, we have a cooperation with the industry association Cannabiswirtschaft e.V. (BvCW). This way, we want to position ourselves politically on the subject of industrial hemp - both strategically and operationally, not only in Germany, but throughout Europe.



Organic certification

Signature Products is one of the few hemp companies in Europe that is certified organic. A product is labelled with an organic label if it has been produced in accordance with EU legislation for organic farming. This means that we can not only sell certified organic hemp seeds, hemp protein, hemp tea etc. to customers, but also produce organic CBD oils Made in Germany.

EG-Control number:

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BALPro is the German association for alternative protein sources. It is a network of StartUps, corporations, and food experts sharing industry specific know-how and jointly working on the use and supply-chains of alternative proteins.

The main areas of expertise in the association are: nutritional sciences, process engineering and product development, sustainability assessment, business development, marketing, PR and advocacy as well as retail, consumer and markets.



DHL GoGreen

In order to make our shipping nationally and internationally 100% climate-neutral, we ship in cooperation with DHL GoGreen. The parcel shipper DHL measures the average CO2 emissions for each shipment and offsets them with the help of global climate protection projects. In this way, we support Deutsche Post's Germany-wide sustainability offensive.

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