Hemp and cannabinoid products


Whether you need hemp seeds as a healthy source of protein, nibble hemp as a snack for in between meals or hemp oil for cooking and baking - we deliver all hemp foods in organic quality.


Hemp raw materials

We sell all parts of the hemp plant that you need for further processing or refining. This includes hemp biomass, hemp flowers and hemp pellets. You can also purchase refined products such as extracts, distillates and isolates from us or have them produced for your own label.


Cannabinoid oils

We produce high-quality and organically certified CBD, CBG, CBN or CBC oils for you. Regardless of whether you need to choose the right base oil, the cannabinoid concentration, the packaging design or need help with logistics - we will consult you from start to finish.



We offer high quality and exclusive CBD cosmetic products. These include face creams, day as well as night creams, massage oils, serums and peelings. All cosmetic products have been analyzed, tested and certified by independent experts.


Vape Products

Since vape products entered the market and became mainstream, vaporizing has been the first choice for many. We offer a wide range of vape hardware, pens and cartridges. Likewise, we also offer the possibility to produce your own e-liquids according to your requirements.



As a wholesale company, we also offer you selected cannabinoid and vape brands from all over the world. We always pay attention to excellent quality and conformity.

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