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Stability Tests

A stability test, or shelf-life test, is used to check if mixtures and products will last in the long term.


What are Stability Tests?

A stability test, or shelf-life test, is used to check whether a mixture will last in the long term. This is because not every cannabinoid oil can be mixed with random ingredients. A stability test can be used to make sure that the product does not de-homogenise after being put on the market, i.e., that the consistently uniform liquid does not split unevenly. The aim of the whole process is to ensure that the physical-chemical structure of the product is not affected, that a lasting effectiveness is achieved, and that harmful influences are prevented during use. For the manufacturer, it is essential to know when and under which conditions the effects of his product will cease. In this way, important information regarding storage and shelf life can also be noted on the packaging.

Such tests usually include the following steps: storing the products at different temperatures, for different lengths of time, with different humidity levels and light sources. In addition, suitable test parameters are selected, e.g., the pH value, appearance, odour, consistency, and taste. Furthermore, use by a user is simulated and the shelf life is evaluated and assessed. The packaging is also tested and checked for tears and cracks.

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