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Tobacco Substitute Registration

For all smokable products and associated hardware, such registration is required in order for the products to be legally sold on the European market.


What is a Tobacco Substitute Registration?

For all smokable products, such as vape pens, a tobacco substitute registration is required. This registration is essential so that the products can be legally sold on the German and European markets. In this process, each individual product undergoes registration and testing. Relevant in this process are safety data sheets, analyses of, for example, heavy metals and allergens, as well as optional nicotine analyses.

The competent authority has a veto period of six months, within which it can stop the product from being placed on the market. Once the holding period has expired without a veto, the product is officially registered as a tobacco substitute.

At Signature Products, we are also happy to take care of this registration for you. We have often accompanied the process of tobacco substitute registration and are happy to advise you from start to finish.

Do you have any questions or want to work with us? Do not hesitate to contact us now. Our friendly team is always happy to help you!
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