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Cosmetics Registration

Cosmetic products must be safe for normal use and comply with EU regulations. This requires safety-assessments and registration with authorities.


Why do cosmetics need to be certified?

Cosmetics are substances that only come into contact with the human body externally. This includes, for example, skin, hair, nails, teeth, and the mucous membranes of the mouth. Cannabidiol (CBD) was included in the CosIng guidelines as a legal cosmetic ingredient in 2021. Therefore, products containing CBD can be registered as cosmetics not only for external use but also for use in the mouth and throat.

Cosmetic products must be safe for normal use and must also not mislead consumers. It does not matter whether the product is imported into the EU from a third country or presented on the market for the first time. It is important that the responsible person, or even the responsible company, is visibly identifiable with name and address on the product. The responsible person or company must ensure that the product complies with Regulation (EC) No 12/23/2009 on cosmetic products and the German Cosmetics Regulations.


What are the requirements for a cosmetics certification?

At the time of placing on the market, the compositional, notification, and good-manufacturing practice requirements must be fulfilled. This requires the so-called Product Information File (PID), a comprehensive documentation of each product. Therefore, knowledge of the full composition of the product is essential. The responsible person must also inform the competent supervisory authority about the placing of cosmetic products on the market.

The following requirements are imposed on the registration of cosmetics:
A safety assessment is required, which assesses whether the product is safe for the intended use but also for the foreseeable use.

Also needed is a CPNP registration. CPNP stands for Cosmetic Product Notification Portal, where all cosmetic products marketed in the European market must be registered. We at Signature Products are happy to take on this registration, but the responsibility remains with our customers. For this purpose, the customer must register in the ECAS (European Commission Authentication Service) database.

In addition, the product must comply with the INCI list. The International Nomenclature for Cosmetic Ingredients is an international guideline for the error-free raw material designation of ingredients. As already mentioned, a product information file (PID) is also required. However, our safety assessment already contains all the required documents for the PID. The company selling the product is obliged to document all complaints regarding the cosmetic product.

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