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Signature Products Bottling Service offers full-service bottling for any type of liquid for any size of business. Whether e-liquids, CBD oils, flavours or other liquids, we are your German bottler when it comes to high quality. Whether according to GMP standards or the filling of certified organic goods, we fulfil every wish! We offer complete component procurement, on-site laboratory services and contract packaging through our German branch.

We have gained extensive experience over the years with companies with a wide range of packaging and production volumes. This gives us the technical knowledge to meet every aspect of our customers’ requirements. Our sophisticated filling lines are ready to handle a wide range of packaging formats in the filling industry. 

Bottling of hemp products

For the bottling of hemp products like hemp seed oil, MCT oil andCBD oil, we are your partner. Choose from the different bottles and their sizes, carrier oils, CBD dosage, flavours and more. We can also help you create your own brands. We are happy to provide you with lab analysis indicating the CBD, THC levels & other ingredients of your hemp products.

We can provide any bottling quantity of the highest quality at the best price.

Live at the bottling & labelling of CBD oils from BUDDY


> PET/RPET, glass or bulk in any bottle size

> Dropper, pipette or spray head

> Approval as food or cosmetics


> Selectable CBD content | THC-Free or < 0.2

> carrier oil (e.g. MCT oil, hemp seed oil)

> flavours for everyone (e.g. mint, lychee)

We accompany you from the beginning to the end.

We are the experts and therefore accompany you in every step of the filling process. From exchanging ideas, product design, quality check, release, bottling and packaging. Talk to us and we will help you to get your desired product in your design. We offer the full service. You are also welcome to visit us personally and see for yourself. Our bottling plants are at home in Baden-Württemberg Germany.

Quality check

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Every quantity can be filled by us.

Design & Packaging

High-quality packaging in individual design.

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